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     The expression on her face hadn’t been there before – not until he had asked her about a boyfriend.  What could it mean, he thought?  Maybe she had just broken up with a guy and the thought of him had caused her heart anguish?  Or maybe, she still had a boyfriend?

     Just his luck, he thought.  Now his curiosity was getting the better of him.  He needed to know before he fell too hard for her.  He could feel his heart opening up to her already – it was her eyes – she had beautiful eyes, yet there was a sadness to them that haunted him.  Her eyes had a way of speaking and reaching out to him even without any words.  They made him want to know her better – he wanted to know where the sadness had come from.  She had such a young face, but seemed to have an old soul with too much history behind her eyes.

     She stammered nervously.  He was giving her the opportunity to tell him the truth.  She wanted to tell him the truth, but then again, she wasn’t ready to end this rendezvous.  She was enjoying the attention and really liked Randy.  “A boyfriend?”  She giggled anxiously again.  “Oh…no…of course not.”  She felt like a fraud –a big fat liar.  She had the chance to save a friendship and now there was no turning back.  Randy would not understand later.  Shame became her.

     Randy’s face brightened, “Good.”

     He chatted happily with her while he ordered them both after dinner drinks.  The conversation flowed easily; Randy seemed full of life, where Lisa now felt like a phony.

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi