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She needed to break away from the obsession of this man.  He was acting in an irrational behavior, telling Lisa that he loved her more than his life.  He had killed before, in the line of duty, when he was a narcotics officer, and he would do it again if needed, he said.  Cole would only destroy her life along with any offspring contributed by him.  Joe would explain to her in detail about their wedding.  She quickly wondered if he had been reading her journal and that would explain the explicit detail in his dreams and memory. 

     She had decided to confront him one afternoon while she was having lunch with him at his favorite restaurant near his home in Irvine.  He was quick to deny any of her allegations, reminding her that he believed completely in her independence.  She instantly knew he was lying.  He must have read her journals while he was dog sitting for Mandi last time she flew out to see her sister.  That was why he had been so eager for her to leave; he had wanted to snoop into her private affairs.

     This infuriated her beyond control, but she refused to allow him to see her fear for him.  She knew he strived on her fear, this would keep her in line and close to him, but he was wrong.  She was planning her escape.  Her family, including Cole, thought she should be honest with him, telling him about her marriage and move to Nevada, but they were wrong.  Lisa saw something in his eyes that nobody else could see, she saw hatred and desperation growing deeper and deeper inside him day by day. 

     She feared him more than she could explain.  No, she wasn’t going to tell him about her move, after she was safe and secure in her new home, far away from him.  Maybe, just maybe she would call him to relieve herself of any guilt that she may be feeling towards him and about their relationship.  Fear gripped her heart as she shuttered with the thought of coming face to face with him again someday.  She prayed that day would never come, but her fears kept it alive, especially in her dreams.  For now, she would be safe and maybe he would soon forget her, but she didn’t really believe this to be so.

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi