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     Lisa was walking towards the light and the voices coming from her grandmothers.  She was leaving behind the pain and suffering that life and love had crushed upon her.  She remembered how much her grandmothers had loved her and her sister.  Their love for her was easy and pure.  She wanted to be with them now.  Loving Cole had been too hard, she had tried so hard to make it work, but now she was tired.  Her body, mind, and soul were too exhausted to love him completely anymore. 

     She was almost to the light when she heard a soft crying.  It tore at her heart to realize the crying was from Paxton.  Paxton had entered the room, sitting next to her father with Mimi and Ricky standing next to her.  They had all come to see Lisa and say their goodbyes. 

    “Mama, please don’t die!  Don’t leave me here all alone.  I need you.  There are so many things I haven’t told you.  You are the best mom I could have asked for.  I want to thank you for always being so selfless and how much I truly appreciate the sacrifices you have made for our family; especially the ones you have made for me.  You are too hard on yourself because you and I both know that you are doing your best and it IS enough!  If you leave me, then I won’t have you there to help me with my homework, ironing my shirts, sewing my clothes, cleaning my Vans, making me French Toast every morning, painting my toenails, giving me a massage, and cracking my back.  You are the most beautiful mama in the world and I can not live without you!”  The whole room was in anguish.  Lisa felt a hard tug at her heart. 

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi