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 Excerpt from Manuscript – Dear Paxton

Lisa grabbed the beer, placing it to her lips and swallowing the bitter liquid.  She had to concentrate, not to think about the distaste she had for the beer.  She sat down, letting out the loudest burp ever to escape her lips.

     “There!  I did it.”  She was really proud of her accomplishment.  Keith and Ricky seemed proud too, handing her another Miller Genuine Draft. 

     “Ricky, let me have a drag of your cigarette.”  Lisa took a hit.  He had that inquisitive look again.

     “What?”  She asked.

     “I didn’t know you smoked.”  He said taking a long drag.

     “I don’t.  But, I just feel like being on of the boys tonight.”  She sat back to relax.
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Written By: Ask Ms Mandi