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Excerpt from Manuscript – Dear Paxton:

Ms Mandi Photo 1

“I can’t believe it…Where did I go wrong? You both were such perfect little girls when you were young…Now look at you?” Lisa couldn’t stand it anymore.

She hated it when her mother started putting her down. It wasn’t her fault their mother had decided, on her own, to move to this stupid town. Lisa had never wanted to move in the first place. She had wanted to stay and play tennis in Iowa with her aunt. She had been forced to move to this stupid town, but she was happy now and so relieved that she had met Cole.

There was no way she was going to be stuck in the house for another minute. She had to get out. “Shut up Mom! You are so mean!”

“I hate you girls, both of you! I wish you were little again!” Her mother’s face contorted into a ball of hatred.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi