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Excerpt from Manuscript – Dear Paxton

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“His family lives here in town, but his mom sent him away to a boy’s home several years ago because he was always in trouble and disrespectful to authority. He must be home for the summer. His mom and sisters live in a run down trailer on the Indian Reservation and they are dirt poor. Your mom would kill you if she ever found you hanging around with the likes of his kind. Trust me Lisa, I grew up in this town and people know everyone’s business and if anyone sees the two of you together, it will get back to your mom.

“That’s stupid, Laurel. He can’t be that bad.” Lisa smiled.

“He is. He has been on probation for most of his life, for stealing, drinking, and drugs and he is the ward of state.” Lisa felt disappointed.

Cole was so cute, but Laurel was right.

Lisa had grown up with everything she needed. Her family hadn’t been rich, but they were well to do.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi