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It was Saturday when Cole finally showed up at the apartment.

“Where are you going?” Lisa demanded with hurtful eyes.

“I’m moving out, Lisa. I don’t want to be with you anymore.” His eyes blazed with hatred, directed towards her.

Desperately, she reached out, gently touching his arm.

Impulsively, he retracted. “Don’t cause a scene! Lisa, just let me go!” He hissed.

“Where have you been these last couple of days? You could have called me.” He only shrugged his shoulders.

“You’ve been with her, haven’t you? You’re leaving me for that bimbo that gave you her number…the one I found in your wallet the other day? Answer me, damn it!””

“Lisa, I don’t love you anymore!”

“All of a sudden, you’ve stopped loving me?” Lisa was shaking.

“I don’t know anymore, Lisa. Maybe I never really loved you…look at you…you’re pathetic.”

“Me?” Lisa spat.

“Just let me go…don’t stop me!”

“Cole, I’m pregnant…”

Cole grabbed her by the arms, throwing her into the closet doors. “Don’t you dare think that will keep me. I’m out!”

Cole grabbed his keys and his bag, slamming the front door behind him.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright 2000