Excerpt from Manuscript – Snow

Excerpt from Manuscript – Snow

Jewels & Bowz 3 - 05.30.2016

The girl who was wearing all black was staring at her. She didn’t want to look over at her, but she could feel the heaviness of her glare boring down on her. She sensed the girl was trying to get her attention, but January was lost in between the lyrics of the band screaming from the radio and the shouting she heard in the other room.

She decided to look her way, “Do you know when they will be out of the bedroom?”

“Who knows. They made a big score tonight…could be a while.”

“A score?” January didn’t know what this girl was talking about.

“Speed, of course.” The girl casually replied.

January was shocked. “Did you see Jack go into the room. He must have gone out for more beer.”

“Jack is the cute guy with longish, shoulder length hair and black eye-liner?”

“Yes, he’s my boyfriend, but he doesn’t use drugs, so I’m sure he must have slipped out when I didn’t notice.”

“No, he’s in there. I saw him and the tall, skinny guy go in together.”

The room started to spin…January wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or the loud music or the distaste of her dinner rising up and into her throat, but she felt as if she was going to be sick.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Photograph By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright June 1, 2016



Excerpt from Manuscript – SNOW


Autumn, a time when the leaves change from green to yellow to orange and then red. The days are warm in the mornings, as the nights escaped into the most certain chill.

This time of year had always been January’s favorite. Moving to San Francisco had been his idea, but now that she had warmed up to it, she too loved the quaint city with all its undying charm.

Standing out on their balcony, with her faux-fur coat wrapped around her body, fighting to keep her warm, but desperately failing, she watched the city lights flicker in the distance. Jack seemed to be spending more and more time away from their home and from her.

She perniciously had too much time on her hands to think. She didn’t like when her mind drifted over to the darker side, but it had been hard not to lately.

She missed him so much that her heart ached. She knew in her heart that she was losing him, but she couldn’t compete with this. She had to let him go, but she didn’t know if she had the courage to do so.

She had always hated that stupid saying, “If you love someone set them free and if they are yours to keep, they will come back to you.”

“Dumb saying.” She thought, despairingly wiping away the tears.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Photograph By: JCW
Copyright: October 12, 2016


Why are our Children Cutting?

Any mother’s worst nightmare is finding out your child is cutting themselves. I say child and not teenager. Cutting is not just a teenage problem, but younger and younger children are starting the craze. How young? I know ten-year old girls that have been cutting themselves.

Parents….we must be aware that this may be happening in your home and with your own children. No child is protected from this horrible situation. It happens to children from poor family environments to affluent families. The epidemic does not discriminate. It has no prejudice. It is happening more and more each day.

Ten years old is about 5th grade – 6th grade aged peers. Seriously? What does a 10-year-old have to stress about, you ask? But they do. It is sad, but real. Peer pressure plays a heavy part in it. Other factors may apply; such as a sense of social media, isolation, pressures to be perfect, and depression.

Parents….read and look at your children’s text messages, e-mails, SnapChats, InstaGram, Kik, ect. Don’t think that your child does not fall into this category of “cutting”. It is happening and in our media. Children have too many resources to connect with people who they think “care” and are there to listen to their insecurities and fears. When you are 10 years old or 11 years old, you trust people who seem to care. But in reality , who are these people our children our connecting with and talking to about their utmost secrets and insecurities? They pretend to be their friends, their peers, their same age groups, but really? Who really knows who is sitting behind that text message or computer typing words of endearments and concern….it may be the pedophile on the Amber Alert.

It is wrong to say the least, but we as parents, can not pretend it doesn’t exist…it does exist and we must put a stop to it. Parents…if you find that your child is using their phones, computers, and iPods inappropriately…take them away. We lived without this technology and they can live without it too. It isn’t worth the price of losing our children to this epidemic of cutting to “technology”, or even worst, suicide.
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Written By: Ask Ms Mandi

Excerpt from Manuscript – Julian’s Voice

Excerpt from Manuscript – Julian’s Voice:

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The singing voice enveloped her, making her feel safe, peaceful and loved. Although, she was presently alone, she had an overwhelming feeling that she was not alone. She felt a presence around her and inside of her. She felt no sadness, no guilt, no regret, and no pain. She just felt comfort and peace.

She felt the cool, soft sand squashing in between her toes. It felt nice to be walking on the beach barefoot. The sun was set right overhead with its resonating reds, intensifying oranges, and cheery yellows. The early afternoon was cool, even though the sun was so bright

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi

Copyright August 13, 2017



The journey is always more important than the destination.

As humans, we rush to get here and there, but we need to slow down and enjoy the present moment.

However, sometimes the present moment is where our pain and suffering exists and therefore; we seek a future moment when we will be “happy”.

I guess the truth is in the belief that we can only truly be happy within ourselves.  We can not seek happiness from external circumstances, but from within.

How do we accomplish this “happiness”?

By adjusting our thought process and our view of our world.  Sometimes our perspective is distorted and we need to re-teach our minds to be less critical, especially to ourselves.

We are all beautiful in our own way…how boring would it be if we were all the same.

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi

Photograph By:  Ask Ms Mandi

Copyright:  July 29, 2017

Nine Lives


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Suicide is never an option, because you are worth it!

Innocence is never truly lost, find your inner child…


Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi

Photograph By:  Ask Ms Mandi

July 14, 2017



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A Monster Under My Bed

Sometimes, as I sit in class, surrounded by other kids just like me, I close my eyes…letting my thoughts take me to a better a place.

A place where I can be myself and not pretend to be somebody I’m not. A place free of judgments. I like it here…I feel safe.

Suddenly, I’m startled out of my trance by the bell. My peers hurry out the door.

Slowly I drag myself out of my seat, grabbing my backpack, thinking… “I can do this…I can make it through another day.”

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Photograph By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright November 21, 2016



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Some stolen moments are taken for granted…to be forever lost in your longing for another day so simple and pure.


Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi

Photograph By:  Ask Ms Mandi

Copyright:  September 2016