Ask Ms Mandi:

What is a “Real Orange County Housewife”?  She changes her baby’s diaper while getting her un-manicured nails dirty.  She quickly dresses herself and her baby, getting ready to go into the office.  She sings a lullaby to her baby while playing “peak-a-boo” and “itsy bitsy spider”, before dropping the baby off at the babysitters (no she doesn’t have a nanny).  She’s in charge of the business meeting, since she is the company’s CFO, while efficiently preparing her PowerPoint presentation for the morning meeting.  She rushes home from work to pick up the baby and groceries for the week.  She prepares a delicious dinner before her husband gets home from work.  She listens attentively to him as he tells her about his day.  She reads a book to the baby before putting the baby to bed.  She dedicates her  last few hours of the day to her husband before preparing for bed.  She gets up the next morning and does it all again with a smile. 

Can a woman have both a family and a career?  Women are pretty amazing and can do anything they set their minds to doing.