Poem by:  Paxton Wilkinson

I am washed away into a whirlpool of death.

     I was in a merciless hurtful daze.

     I heard my dad yell my mom’s name,

     and I dizzily walked out of my room.

I gazed down at the blood drops on the floor.

     I screamed twice.

Two high pitched ear piercing screams.

At first I thought it was my dad that had gotten hurt,

but then screaming thoughts raced through my mind.

     KODAK!  My poor puppy, only 6 months old.

     Gallons of tears streamed down my face.

          Is this a dream?

We speed down the road, driving to the vet.

My dad’s assurances warmed my heart.  Hope swelled through my body.

But… No!  There was no hope; she was gone.

     And what I experienced after

that is yet to haunt my soul with sorrow.