Is God listening?  I sometimes wonder.  You pray and go to church and still nothing seems to change, does this happen to you?  Well it used to happen to me.  Sometimes it seemed like God wasn’t listening to me at all.  He wasn’t even there for me when I needed him.  It seemed like everyone had left me standing alone, without a single soul to reach out to.  Does this sound familiar? 

However quirky it is, God does listen to our prayers.  He does answer us.  Sometimes we just don’t like to hear what he has to say.  Sometimes the truth is too scary or too drastic.  Sometimes we ask him to answer us when he has continued to answer us over and over again, but we just refuse to listen.  How frustrating must that be for God to give us the answers, yet we don’t want to listen and do as he has suggested. 

However, he does listen to our prayers.  I have been praying for answers with an open mind for over a year now and finally all my questions are being answered.  It baffle me at times, to see my prayers slowly coming to with the answers falling into place.  God doesn’t always answer us when we want to be answered, but he will answer us when the time is right. 

I asked for guidance and strength while praying and looking into the bible, reading that I would lose everything in order to start new and God would provide me with all the riches of the land that he had promised my forefathers.  Right, I asked myself?  But he did answer me.  I have lost my job, my home, and most of my family, but now that I have let it all go and I am moving forward, God has answered me.  I now have a new job, a new home and my family, that is most important to me, is standing by my side.  I am not a “holly roller” by any means, but I was raised in the church and I have witnessed the miracles of life.  I now have complete faith and believe in God and all that he has in stored for us.  Ask and you shall receive, isn’t this what the bible says?  It is so, for I have witnessed it.  All within a  week, I got the keys to my new house, I got a job offer, I got an offer on my house (that was only recently going into foreclosure), and my husband got a job (after 4 years of being unemployed).  Everything is falling into place as it should be.  I am blessed and I continue my faith.  When all else fails, all we have is faith.  It is refreshing to let go and put the burden on God, he will carry us through the hard times.   

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi