I adore the term, bittersweet.  The name says it all.  Bitter and sweet, two contradicting terms.  This past month has been filled with bittersweet moments. 

Moving from one location to another has its moments.  Should I be happy for the new experiences or be sad for the past losses?  You can’t get any more bittersweet than that.  Our home for the past nine years just sold and today was my last day cleaning up.  All the furniture and boxes have been moved to our new house.  The new house is beautiful; however, saying goodbye to the past house has been more than difficult.  So many memories.  So many past losses.  So many changes.  Am I good with change?  I can honestly say that I am not.  Do I move forward when need be?  I do, but somewhat slowly and cautiously. 

My motto:  Move forward and don’t look back and as you are moving forward, remember your past mistakes so that you can hopefully prevent them from reoccurring at a future date.  Do I take my own advice?  Not always, but I should since Spring is upon us and with it, it brings new life and new experiences.  The rain will cleanse all and will soon past, allowing the sun to shine once again, while a new life grows.  

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi