Do you believe in second chances or third or even fourth chances?  Have you completely given up on someone you loved?  Stopped loving them completely?  When is it time to walk away and when is it time to walk back?

A wise person once told me that if you have any percentage of love left in your heart for another and decide to split up, that 1% of doubt will haunt you, making you regret your decision to walk away.  It is true.  True love is always able to forgive and love again. 

Love is like a wilted flower.  You forget to water the flower and it will wilt and die.  You think it is dead, but decide to water it…… just in case.  The next day you look at the flower and it is open, alive, and beautiful once again.  This is true for our hearts as well.  Love needs to be nurtured, it may seem like it is dead, but with a little attention you will find that it is still alive and just as vibrant.

Don’t give up on true love<3

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi