How hard is it for women in their 40’s?  Would one say that it is harder for an aging man or an aging woman?  Being a woman, myself, I can not speak for a man, but turning 40 is probably one of the hardest years of all.  In my opinion, while you are in your 20’s, you are still going to school and learning about yourself.  During the 30’s, you are starting to or have settled down with a husband, buying your first house, and possibly having your first child.  During the 40’s,  you are already established, but questioning your mortality. 

This is when mortality became an issue for me, since there are fewer years left during our lifetime than already lived.  Everything becomes more important; such as, your marriage, your career, and your hobbies.  If you are not happy at this point and time in your life, then now is when it is time to change it. 

Write your bucket list and start enjoying your life.  We as women in our 40’s are still beautiful, it just may take a little more effort and work.  We need to re-assess our diets and our exercise regime.  A diet that worked a decade ago, my not have the same effects in our 40’s.  Women of 40 are still beautiful.  Who knew that we may be even more beautiful than we were in our 30’s and 20’s.  We are now confident in our skin, taking better care of ourselves and living life to our fullest.

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi