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Ask Ms Mandi is asking for your support in donating women business suits to women in need.  So many times single women get stuck in the rut of struggling without the opportunity to find a good job to support herself and her children.  Let’s face it, welfare is not going to provide a stable income for a single mother to properly care for her children.  She will need a place to live, food, clothing and a vehicle.  It is near impossible to get around without a vehicle these days, especially in Southern California.  We need a car to get to the grocery store, take our kids to school, and especially to get to work. Sometimes work is over 30 miles away. 


What is a single mother to do when she is barely making it on welfare.  We all know that welfare helps, but it just isn’t enough to get a single mother with children out of a bad situation.  Everyone, at times, needs a helping hand, a push to get over the rough times. 


In today’s poor economic times, it is hard to find a job, especially if you are not educated or properly skilled in the workforce.  Study’s say that first impressions are important.  It is hard enough to get that interview, but even harder to get the job.  We must look our best when attending the interview, to guarantee our success to landing the job, that will get us over the hump and back into being a successful, working citizen, off of welfare. 

Nobody wants to be a statistic. Did you know that the poorest economic group are single mothers.  Why is that, you may ask?  A primary reason for this statistic is that women get married and raise the children, while the husband obtains the career and makes the money for the family.  Things go astray and love fades, ending in divorce, while leaving the women to take care of the children with no education and no income.  She may not even get child support, if you married a dead-beat dad, who just doesn’t care about her or his children’s needs.  She may get a minimum wage job, but her children are too young and need to go to daycare.  She will spend most of her income on daycare services with little or no money left over for her and the children to survive on.  It’s a sad story, but too true.


Ask Ms Mandi is asking for your help and support.  The first impression and most important matter is how we look when interviewing for a job prospective.  Ask Ms Mandi is asking for donated women business attire clothing.  I will be donating these items to shelters, churches, and half-way houses to help single mothers to re-gain the confidence to walk into an interview with pride and a strong self-esteem.  This will help her to be the best that she can be for herself and her children, getting her off of welfare.


Ask Ms Mandi’s goal for the rest of the year, is to donate as many women business attire suits, dresses, outfits to the needy to help these women regain their lives back.  A lot of these women were once women just like you and I; however, they have fallen on hard times, losing their husbands, their homes,their dignity, their self-respect, and their freedom to live the life that they and their children deserve.  Ask Ms Mandi will be donating women business attire too and asks you to contribute to this great cause. 


If you want to help, please contact me by e-mail and I will give you the address to send your donations to.  Don’t forget, donations are a tax-deductible as well, so you will be benefiting women in your society and getting a tax break too.

Thank you for your support!


Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi