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I have unpacked the Christmas decorations again for another year. What if we could keep the Christmas spirit all year?

I was talking with a good friend of mine and asked him what he was doing for Christmas? He told me that he didn’t really get into Christmas too much. I asked him why? He said that he thought people should be good to each other all year and not only during the Christmas holidays.

He has a great point. I have to agree. There is something about Christmas time that makes us feel more generous and giving, what if we could continue this feeling throughout the year. I’m not talking about buying presents all year-long, that would be too expensive, but just remembering to think about the people in our lives, that we love and care for. A simple gesture, such as, a single picked rose from the garden goes a long way as a thoughtful gift. A quick trip to Starbucks for a cup of Latte, as a reminder that you are thinking of her or him. Even a kind word, like “I love you”.

It is the simple things in life that remind us that we are loved and needed each and every day, by the people in our lives.

Written by: Ask Ms Mandi