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Wearing Many Hats:

In today’s world and economy, we can’t get by with just one task. We must wear many hats. It used to be that you could go to college and get your degree…..you were set for life. The more education meant the better paying jobs.

Sadly, it isn’t like that today. Sometimes having more education can be a handicap to getting that perfect job. Employers would rather pay someone less money and with less of an education than the graduate student with years of work experience.

What to do? Put on as many hats that will fit on top of your head. I personally wear an abundance of hats….I’m a mom, a writer, an accountant, studying real estate, managing my website, substitute teaching, and looking for a full-time job. Seven hats. It’s exhausting.

That is what we have to do to make it. Who knows what can happen…so many prospects and so many chances of opportunity. So, don’t cut yourself short…one opportunity has to come through, right?

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Written By: Ask Ms Mandi