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The World as we see it…

Some of us spend our lives looking through rose-colored, shaded lenses. Some of us don’t wear any lenses at all. I guess you would call this an optimistic vs. pessimistic personality. As a child we see the good in people, but sadly we grow up, and depending on our own life experiences, we become tainted. The once perfect childhood thoughts become tarnished. We see people and life differently.

My youngest daughter is teaching me not to judge “the book by the cover”. She makes me smile when she gets frustrated with me for not giving a dollar or two to the local bum hanging out at McDonald’s, asking for money for food. Being the synical adult, I stick up my nose and assume the money will be used towards alcohol or drugs.

Is it my place to judge? Not really. I can chose not to give the money to him or her, but is it really going to effect my life that much if I don’t help? Would it not be more beneficial to give him or her a dollar, freely and without judgement. It can only make you feel like you were doing your part, by helping out society.

We may look down our noses at the “bums” of the world and think that we are so much better than them, but are we? Most of us our only a paycheck away from poverty. Losing your job, and then your car and then your home and then your family and then your self-respect, isn’t only likely, but is happening to thousands and maybe even millions today. These, once elite individuals, may be your neighbors or maybe even you.

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Written By: Ask Ms Mandi