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Is the Innocence Lost? I taught a class of first graders today. I don’t know if it is my imagination, but first graders today seem less innocent and sweet than they were five years ago. I remember the wonderful sight of watching my child at the age of six and seven, finding wonder in everything she came across. The simple act of reading a book, brought joy into her young eyes.

However, today, there seems to be something missing from those innocent eyes, that innocent voice, with our children today. They no longer seem so carefree, as I once remember them to be. It appears to be that our children are growing up faster and faster.

Please parents, teach our young ones to slow down and to enjoy life. Let them endeavor into playing in the trees, with dolls, and just being a kid. You only get one chance to be young and carefree, let them have it and have fun. By allowing them the freedom to be a kid, they will value the life given to them and can grow into healthy and happy adults….teaching their own children the same lesson, some day.

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Written By: Ask Ms Mandi