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Plan Your Next Ask Ms Mandi Party:

I am an entrepreneur, starting up Ask Ms Mandi in October 2011. I currently organize party events in homes, providing homemade cheesecakes, local winery wines, and a time to meet new people and spend time with old friends. Parties are by appointment only.

Contact Ask Ms Mandi if you would like to be the hostess at your own Ask Ms Mandi party. I will provide the cheesecake and the wine. All you have to do is invite your friends to your house and I will take care of everything else.

Be prepared to entertain your friends with the finest wines in Riverside County, while nibbling on rich and luscious, homemade cheesecake. All in the environment of your home.

To plan your Ask Ms Mandi Party, please contact me at AskMsMandi.com or you may e-mail me your personalized calendar (look for the page under Ask Ms Mandi Party tap) to: msmandi4u@gmail.com

*Ask Ms Mandi’s location is in Southern California and unfortunately at this time, can only service parties in Southern California locations.
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Written By: Ask Ms Mandi