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Going Back to Work

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Going to work after two years…

When I first got laid off in July 2011, I never imagined I would be out of work for almost, exactly, two years. When I first got laid off, I was excited to have time off to do what I wanted to do. I decided to write my second book, Julian’s Voice: A Ruby in the Rough. I planned a year to complete my manuscript. I was lucky enough to have unemployment during that time.

A year later and I had my completed manuscript, Julian’ Voice: A Ruby in the Rough. I was so excited. I continued to search for the perfect agent for my work, as I started looking for full-time employment as an Accountant. I knew having a Master’s Degree would make my search that much easier. Oh… how wrong I was.

It took me another year to finally find the perfect job, that I liked and that paid what I was expecting to be paid.

It has been a two-year process from start to finish. I never expected to be out of work for so long, especially with the kind of education that I have.

My point is…stay focused, driven, and hopeful. Perseverance really does pay off. Continue to fight for what you believe in and in what you want. I now have the perfect job…now all I have to find is the perfect publisher for my manuscript. It shouldn’t be so hard…

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi