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The Importance of Food Banks:

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I was asked to bring in some canned goods tomorrow at work for the Food Bank. This is an important cause, helping thousands of women and children who do not have enough to eat. A luxury many of us take for granted.

Most people will go through their cupboards searching for unwanted canned goods; such as creamed corn, kidney beans, and hominy. What makes us think that the poor likes this selection of canned goods anymore than we do. Seriously, how long did it actually sit in our cupboards?

Trust me…I was one of these people, until my daughter said to me, “Mom, why would anyone like this food. The poor likes to eat good food too, just like us.”

She made me think. Let’s look for canned goods that are good to eat, not just search our cupboards for canned goods that we don’t want.

There is more to giving than just getting the canned goods together. It is up to us to give from our hearts and not just out of obligation.

Did I search my cupboard tonight for canned goods that have been sitting on my shelf for the past few years? No. I went to the store and bought some food that I thought others would like as much as I do. This is the true meaning of giving…give from the heart.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi