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Forty is a time to grow.  This is a crucial age.  This is a time for women to make changes.  These changes may be related to relationships, career, inspirational, or soul-searching.  The decade when woman are forty, she must make some serious decisions.  When she was younger, time wasn’t against her.  Now that she is getting older, time is more of a factor. 

During a women’s forties, she needs to make some life-long decisions.  Don’t stay in an unhealthy relationship.  Find true love.  Don’t stay in a career that bores you.  Find out what is exciting and go after that job prospect.  This is the time to travel and meet new people and experience new places.  Your children are probably old enough to take care of themselves, so this is the time to re-connect with yourself or to find your self again.

Enjoy being forty.  You are still young and beautiful.  This is the time to shine, so shine.

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi