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Do you like to hike? Lone Pine Lake is at the Whitney Portals, in the mountains of Lone Pine, California. The hike is spectacular. Beware, the hike is definitely not for the weak at heart. Bring plenty of water and healthy snacks, such as jerky and dried nuts and fruits, for this 2.5 hour hike up can wear down your energy level. Not only is the altitude a challenge, but the steep terrain keeps you on your toes.

Once you are almost at the lake, you will be amazed that there is actually a lake up there in the mountains, surrounded by trees. Once you walk out of the clearing, you will see the beautiful oasis, called Lone Pine Lake (the first lake).

If you want to go up even further, you will find the second lake. And at the top of the mountain is Mt. Whitney. However, the hike to the top is for advanced hikers with the proper equipment.

Have fun!

Written & Photograph By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright August 2015