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A Walk up Barrow Hill…

Ms Mandi Photo 1

Anna sat frozen on the couch, staring aimlessly at the corner of the wall. Her stomach roared with hunger pangs, but she no longer felt the discomfort.

It felt numb to her now. She felt numb.

Wishing she felt nothing for the endless craving, that ate at her very soul each and every day. She longed to forget.

Anna closed her eyes; taking in a deep breath to control her desires. It was no use. She was at its mercy.

Feeling defeated, she quickly, but cautiously entered the kitchen. She knew she would regret this. She made a mental note to take a trip into town to purchase another package, before her mother got home and noticed them missing.

Slowly and then eagerly, she ripped open the package of cookies, shoving them effortlessly into her mouth. Within minutes, she had consumed the entire package.

Feeling defeated, she slumped to the floor, as tears spilled down her checks. She knew she had failed once again.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright: November 2015