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Trinidad Beach – Northern California


I have to say that my traveling experience through California was one of the most memorable and beautiful trips I’ve taken in a long time. Our day started early, packing our car with our bags, snacks, and dog. We had to laugh at how many snacks we had in our bags…

“Where are you going? China.” My daughter asked.

“We might as well” I stated, traveling up the entire state of California is quite a journey, fourteen hours to be exact.

The first six hours are long and boring, not a whole lot to see, traveling through Los Angeles, Bakersfield, and then Modesto County…quite dry and yellow, not much green and hardly any mountains.

Once we hit San Francisco, the scenery drastically changed from dry to lush green. It was quite majestic to say the least.

My favorite part of our drive was after we went through San Francisco and traveled north of Marin County. There were lush, green trees everywhere, vineyards, rolling hills and streams and rivers.

Pictures don’t do the landscape justice; however, your camera is a must. A picture lasts a lifetime and compliments our memories in our mind.

I am glad to have marked off on of my bucket list item and strongly recommend a trip up the coast of California. Your reward is your adventure and it has only started once you’ve reached the beaches of Trinidad.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Photograph By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright May 4, 2016