How long will Jack make me endure this suffering?  He knows that I hate it when he ignores me.  I sit here, holding our baby in my arms, wondering when he will come home and forgive me.  I know I should feel blessed with this life beside me, but all I can do is long for the days we use to have, when he loved me.  Why does love have to end?

True love is forever, they say, but they are wrong.  What is true love?  Why does it always seem as if love is lopsided.  You either love him or he loves you, it is never compatible, perhaps in the movies, but not in real life.

Happiness is so overrated.  All I long for is a little bit of peace.  What is happiness?  We think happiness is something that we all achieve and it will last forever; subsequently, it is only a mere glimpse of something that will be temporary.  Temporary, until it is gone and once again our hearts’ ache for its return.

Written By:  AskMsMandi

Copyright:  August 10, 2018