Two girls and a ranch is moving to Montana! We’re packing our warm clothes and cowboy boots and heading out.

At times, I didn’t think our ranch was going to come to fruition, but I’m happy to say it is. I thought I had lost my way and my faith, but it has been restored.

What does faith mean to you? Faith, to me, means that there is something bigger out there, that we have no control over. It’s like driving the boat across the lake in the dark, without any headlights. You are being guided by faith, you don’t know what is out there in the dark, but you are lead by trust. You trust that you are being guided down the path that you are meant to go down.

And although it may be scary, you go anyway. Don’t let fear control you, as it has controlled me and the people closest to me. I want to trust life again.

Photograph & Written By: Jayne Wilkinson