Blood is thicker than water.  So they say, but is it really? 

Times are constantly changing.  As foreclosure rates increase, unemployment rates increase, and broken marriages increase, we are sure to experience many changes and challenges as a whole.  The once happy family is falling apart.  Let’s not go overboard thinking that this comment is targeted to everyone, but let’s face it, our family structure is in jeopardy.  When financial security crumbles, something happens, people shut down.  The once giving and optimistic person is now hording their money and feeling negative attitudes towards those less fortunate than they.  Only the one’s who are going through the tough times notices these subtle changes in their family and friends.  It was always thought to be that you could count on your family, but let’s be realistic.  The only person you can count on during this rough times is yourself, not your spouse, sister, brother, best friend, father, or even your mother.  The helping hand is gone.  Let’s wake up and see who is really important to us.  Once we swim our way back to the shore, climb out, dry off, and regain our composure, we will see who is left standing by our sides.  The people who went through the tough times with you are the ones you want to keep close to your heart.  The people who deserted during your tough times are the ones that you need to eliminate from your life.  The storm will pass and the sun will shine again, keep those worthy of your love close to you and say goodbye to those who left you during your time of need.

Wrtten By:  Ms Mandi