We all need a helping hand sometime in our lives.  We may not think so, but it is true.  Looking down our noses at others less fortunate than ourselves can be quite infuriating as well as unnecessary.  We never know when we may need a helping hand.  To walk a mile in someone elses’ shoes is an understatment.  In order to see the true value of another person’s life, desires, wants, and needs, you would need to fit into those shoes before walking the mile. 

We all have our own opinions, but to judge is unkind.  We can not say, “I will never be jobless”, or “I will never be homeless”.  We never know where life’s journey may take us, we hope it is in a better place, but it may not be.  Life is about lesson’s learned.  Keep your eyes and hearts open to others’ sufferings.  Help those less fortunate than yourself, for there are always less fortunate. Stay humble.

Written By:  Ms Mandi