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How much does somebody have to lose before the pendulum starts to swing the other way?  How many times have we said to ourselves:  “Nothing more can happen”, but only to find out that there is always more that can happen.

A failing business can be devastating to the owner, as unemployment becomes the only means of financial survival.  A repossessed vehicle can be detrimental to an individual, while they now find it difficult to accomplish, the once simple, daily tasks that were once taken for granted; such as grocery shopping.  Losing your home to foreclosure can be traumatic to the family as a whole as they walk away from the memories and dreams built inside the walls of their home.  Arguing sets in and the family begins to drift apart, slowly but gaining speed.  One parent moves out to leave the other behind to clean up the shattered pieces of their once perfect life.  Once perfect but now all they are looking for is normalcy, when normalcy used to be so mediocre. 

Tears fall.  How does one explain to their children that they have to leave their life behind to start over in another life.  Walking away from their childhood home is hard, but watching as the life they knew and loved split apart in separation is even harder. 

Picking up the pieces…… that is all any one of us can do…… pick the pieces up and glue them back together.  The life you once had may be gone, but you can be whole again by building a new life.  Stay strong.

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi