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Senior Citizens want to feel pretty too….. but sometimes they are forgotten at the make-up counter.  The cosmetic lines may target younger women for their make-up lines and older women for certain skin-care lines.

Certain creams reduce and may even eliminate some fine lines and wrinkles.  Whereas, other facial creams, lotions, and serums help to prevent wrinkles and prematuring of the skin.  Subsequently, older women want to feel pretty too. 

First, make-up isn’t only for the young.  Make-up is used to make us feel and look prettier, by enhancing our best features.  Older skin may also benefit with the use of make-up.  Foundation helps to protect the skin from sun damage by adding sun screen protection.  Some foundations actually sit on top of the skin, creating a younger looking appearance. 

Second, when the eyes are enhanced to brighten the eye-area without a lot of eye liner, eye shadow, and mascara, it will brighten up the eye area without making it look overly made up and heavy.  A brighter eye makes a person look more awake and alert.  However, older women should stay away from frosty / glittery shadows.  A matte shadow is much better and won’t insinuate those fine lines and wrinkles on the eye-lids and around the eyes. 

So….. women over 55 years old….. don’t be afraid to stop by the cosmetic counter the next time you are out and purchase a few cosmetic items for your every day cosmetic bag.  A few simple steps and you will feel beautiful again.

Keep your life young and stay beautiful!

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi