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We have all wondered how much more our economy and as people can take.  The mortgage crash of 2006 has severely affected our country and other countries.  So many families have lost and are still losing their homes.  It may just be a home to some.  It may just be hard times, some may say.  However, true these statements are, the fact of it is that a house holds a lot more than merely a roof over our heads. 

A house is our home.  A home is a place where we raise our children.  A home is a place where we keep our memories.  A home is a place where we grow as a family.  A home is a place to feel safe in.  A home is a place where we gain our future.  A house is a lot more than just a dwelling.  Our home is our house.

If you are losing your home, do not give up.  Write letters to your lending company.  I do not mean one letter, but letter after letter after letter, until you are heard.  Study your mortgage documents so you understand what the legalities of your documents mean.  What kind of mortgage do you have?  Was income verified and documented?  Do you have a fixed interest rate or a variable interest rate?  Is your mortgage owned by one investor or several investors?  Find any discrepancies you can in your documents.  The Government is working to create new programs for homes in distress and the longer you can hold on to your home, means the better chances are for you to save your home from foreclosure.  Fight back and do not give up.

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi