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Dogs get tummy aches too.  My poor dog has been sick for two days now.  He cannot keep any food down.  Do dogs get the flu just as people do?  I always wondered about this.  I was told that dogs do not get colds or sick like we do.  However, my dog has a tummy ache and has been sick for two days now.  Is it something more serious or just the flu? 

Here is a website with some tips to calming your dogs’ tummy ailments:


One of the suggestions is to give your dog Gatorade to help prevent dehydration.  Just like us, if you have a tummy and intestine flu, you may get dehydrated and Gatorade helps to replenish your body by keeping it hydrated with the necessary electrolytes. 

We give our dog white-rice when we run out of dog food, but did you know that white rice will help a dog with tummy aches.  It is a good idea to fast your sick dog for twenty-four hours, but a meal consisting of white rice may coat and soothe his tummy ache.

Please be aware if your dog is sick for more than a few days, at this point he should have a visit from your local veterinarian to rule out anything more serious.

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Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi