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I normally write about others and their situations, but today I am going to write something raw. 

I drag myself out of bed at seven in the morning, only to stare at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, for longer than I originally planned.  It seems that some days are harder to get out of bed than other days and I am amazed that I even bother trying.  

I am starting to feel the fist signs of anxiety.  My stomach is churning into knots for some unknown reason.  Panic engulfs me.  I am scared.  I have gone through so much pain and change this past year and wonder how I can go on.  It would be so simple to just check out, but that is an impossible consideration.  I have people who love me and count on me.  I could not leave them behind to endure this life without me.  I am grateful for the people around me, who love me because there are so many others that want to take me down. 

As humans, we grow so attached to our possessions that we forget that our possessions mean nothing to the people who love us, if we were to check out.  Today, I broke down from the weeks’ stresses, wanting to give up, crying for all the unfairness that life has bestowed upon my family and I. 

Then my best friend, in the whole world, dropped what he was doing, to come over to my house.  Hearing his knock, I opened the door, as black tears streamed down my cheeks.  He said nothing, but walked into the foyer, pulling me into his arms, holding me while I cried.  He said that no material possession was more important than I am.  That without me, what importance would any material possession have to shine greater than me. 

When you are feeling lost and like you cannot go on, just remember that you can always buy a new house or car.  You can always get a new job, but you can never get another “YOU”. 

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi