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How to Present Yourself to a Potential Employer:

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I have been interviewing with potential employers for the past year. Is our economy getting better or am I just getting better at interviewing? Maybe a little of both, is safe to say.

I discovered three things that I did differently in my last interview…that I might add; I got the job.

This is for the ladies:

First: Wear a pant suit instead of a dress or skirt. Women, we are still living in a man’s world, especially if you are working in Corporate America. A nice pant suit with high heels shows that you are still feminine, but carry power. Men like power.

Second: Give a firm handshake. Show them that you are confident and strong. A flimsy handshake shows submission.

Third: Be yourself. This is the one and only interview where I wore my hair down straight. Nothing fancy or prissy.

And always have good eye contact and a strong self-esteem.

Good luck!

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi