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Is Editing Ever Complete?

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I currently have one of my manuscripts out to an agent, but received an e-mail from another agent that I had submitted to earlier in the month. She had the typical rejection response, “Thank you for your submission, but we are going to pass on your project. It doesn’t fit into our list of projects, but please continue to contact other agents.” However, this particular rejection letter was a little different. It stated, “please continue to edit and submit to other agents.”

This made me laugh out loud. “Please continue to edit.” I guess that was a nice way of stating that my first fifty pages of my manuscript needed continued editing. When is the editing complete? I had read through my manuscript at least three times already. I have to admit that I find an editing error here and there each time I read it, but when will the editing be perfect?

I think this an impossible task. Writing styles change. It’s just like when I use to model. I was never perfect for ever agent. One agent said my eyes were too big and another agent said my eyes were perfect, but my height was too short. Nothing I ever did made me perfect under ever circumstance.

All I can say is to edit your manuscript several times and then put it away. Take it back out and edit it one more time…now submit it to agents. When an agent likes it, they will pick it up…even with a few grammatical or spelling errors.

Good luck!

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi