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Hiking Mt. Whitney…

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A friend of mine asked me to go on a short hike to see Lone Pine Lake. For those that don’t know where Lone Pine Lake is…it’s in Lone Pine, CA. Where is Lone Pine, you ask…about four hours east of Orange County in the Sierra Mountains.

I have visited Lone Pine for years and have not visited Lone Pine Lake. My friend said it was a little hike to get to the lake. I was game. It sounded fun. I hike all the time. Boy was I in for a challenge.

Lone Pine Lake is about three hours up the mountain to Mt. Whitney. As we hiked, I saw other hikers with hiking apparel; such as, proper boots and walking sticks. I started to get worried as I wore my Doctor Martens and skipped breakfast. But I was ready for the hour hike…so my friend told me.

Two hours into the hike and straight up the ten thousand elevation mountain…I started to wonder how and if there was really a lake. I could not see where a lake could possibly be since we were hiking up the side of the mountain towards Mt. Whitney.

Two and half hours into the hike, my blisters were bleeding. My stomach was screaming with hunger and my patience had run out. I wanted to turn around because don’t forget…if it took us three hours to get up the mountain, it would take us another three to get back down.

As I was about to turn around…admitting to complete failure…I saw it. The beautiful and majestic lake. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was one of the most breathtaking views I have encountered. Did it make up for the bleeding blisters, hunger pains, weak legs, aching knees, and full bladder….maybe not, but it was worth it…

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
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