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The Whaley House…

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The Whaley House is in Old Downtown San Diego. It is a must see! First of all San Diego is just beautiful and very historical. There is a lot of old history to be known about it. Since it is right on the border, back in the day people from Mexico would take boats and ships to San Diego to visit the land of the free.

Sadly enough, many of these decendents were held in slavery by the rich plantation owners. This brought about many deaths and termoil, soiling the land with despair and pain.

The land where the Whaley House now stands use to be a hanging sight. Too many men to count were hung on the very sight and without just cause.

Mr. Whaley knew this fact, but built his home on the tainted land anyway. He later rented out his parlor to the County of San Diego to use as their court house. Needless to say, this created more tension in the home, as more deaths occurred in the home over the years.

If you love a piece of history and mystery, then you must visit the Whaley House. It is both majestic and artistic. But don’t forget to take your camera….you never know what you might see in the lens.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
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