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Kindness goes a lot further than anger…

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I am healing. My soul was suffocated with denial. At one time my heart was filled with anger. The anger turned to sadness. Finally I started the process of acceptance. I now feel the final transition of the healing process – forgiveness.

When I was working in cosmetics, many years ago, I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful mentor and teacher. As a beauty adviser, we were invited to the Four Seasons’ Hotel in Newport Beach for a day of training and a fabulous luncheon.

I’ll call her, Miss Lucy and she was our teacher for the day. She was a licensed Esthetician. She was very posed and glamorous. I will never forget what she taught us.

She told us that we would meet mean people in this world and at the counter, very mean people. What is human nature when we feel attacked? Our first instinct is to strike back. However, Miss Lucy told us never to do this.

Her quote: “Mean and angry people are wounded people. The mean are the ones we need to be extra nice too for they are the most wounded.”

I did encounter several mean people at the cosmetic counter, as well as during my lifetime. I now smile at them and make sure to be especially nice. They may not get anything out of my kindness, but my heart feels light and full.

The lesson is that you will feel happier when you spread your kindness around and not your anger. Forgiveness and healing go along way and although you may not know it, you possibly made a difference in their day as well.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi