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Dear Daddy…it’s me. I haven’t seen you in a while. I miss you…why don’t you ever call me? Why don’t you write to me? It’s okay, I understand. I know you have other things to think about…more important things.

I was thinking…do you remember when I was a little girl and I couldn’t wait for you to get home from work? It felt like I waited all day for you to return home. I was so proud of you. I knew you loved me because you went to work to give me things. You told me this.

You bought me a bike, clothes, and you even built me a swing to play on. This was my favorite present because you made it out of love and it hung from my favorite tree in the backyard.

That was special. I felt so loved and knew you loved me. But then I grew up and things started to change. You and mommy started to argue all the time and you would storm out of the house mad, staying away for days.

Then one day, you didn’t come home anymore. Mommy said you wouldn’t be living with us anymore, but that you still loved me and always would. She explained that adult problems were not my problem and that you loved me even if you weren’t going to live with us anymore.

I believed her and I believed you, but you lied. You say we gave up on you, but in reality, you gave up on us…on me. You lied to me…but like I said, I understand. Do you know why? I understand because love is forgiving and you are my daddy and always will be…I just wished you knew this and tried to love me…just a little.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright August 2015