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A Walk to Barrow Hill:

The house appeared to be dark. Every shade in the house had been drawn. An uncomfortable chill crept up her leg, causing her to shutter.

She felt an eerie feeling encircling her as she called out.

“Mama, it’s Anna. Are you home?”

Silence filled the voided spaces of the empty rooms.

“Mama are you okay? Rose asked me to come over and check on you.”

Anna entered room after room, quietly shutting the doors behind her as she left.

The bathroom was the only room she hadn’t come to yet. Cautiously she peeked around the corner, slowly opening the door.

“Mama!” Anna didn’t recognize her own voice, as a ghostly scream escaped her before collapsing to the stone-cold tile floor.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright: December 2015