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Daily Tip:

It is so important to exfoliate at least once a week.

You may chose from a variety of exfoliating creams, from your local drugstore to your fancy department store brands. Find one that works best for your skin type, but it is imperative to your complexion and youth to do this once a week.

Start with doing the following:

1. Wash and cleanse your face with your favorite cleanser

2. Use your favorite toner

3. Pat dry your skin

4. Apply your favorite eye cream gently around the eye and lip area

5. Apply your favorite exfoliating cream

6. Once it has dried the allowed amount of time, apply a warm wash cloth compress to face

7. Rinse product off with warm water and wash cloth

8. Gently pat dry

9. Apply your favorite facial cream

Have fun pampering yourself because you deserve it!

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright March 2016