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Excerpt from Manuscript – Snow

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The first snow of the year. The air was crisp with the hint of winter, causing her breath to catch in her throat, but yet so pure, allowing her thoughts to drift into promises she had told yourself, but had not kept.

January wrapped her leather coat tightly around her. Although she was cold, she had the softest warmth radiating around her. She was at peace. She knew she had done the right thing.

She knew she had hurt Jack…Christ, it had hurt her too, but she knew he deserved to know the truth. The truth was freeing because it allowed her the freedom to be honest with not only herself, but with him.

However, she was still haunted by his eyes, the disturbing contour of his face as she had told him.

Her only concern was where to go from here.

He had always been strong, but she was worried for him because she knew that he would have a hard time. After all, he was an addict and addicts weren’t good with dealing with change.

She knew they would have to change everything about their life. She would be in and out of hospitals for the next couple of months. This would put a definite toll on their marriage.

But she was confident in the strength of their relationship, after all, they had over come his addiction…

Jumping, January turned, startled by the sound of the opening of the front door.


“Sweetheart…I am so sorry I left you…I’m home now and I will never leave you again.” Jack pulled her into his chest, tightly holding her, gently smoothing back her hair from her face as his tears fell.

Written By: Ask Ms Mandi
Photograph By: Ask Ms Mandi
Copyright October 28, 2016