Let’s start our adventure.

Our first task, seeking out some potential land for sale.  Let me tell you, Temecula and Hemet have a lot of land for sale, but is it usable…that is the question.  Mandi and I decide to spend a day looking at a few locations.  Easy enough, right?  Not really when there isn’t anything on the land as you drive by, such as a house, but thank goodness for modern day conveniences, like Google Maps.  I honestly don’t know how people found their way around back in the day before cell phones existed.  Yes I know, it was called a Thomas Guide, but then again that wouldn’t have helped because undeveloped land doesn’t have a physical address.  Perhaps relying on directions from the realtor.  Anyway…it was a challenge and this was even with modern day necessities.

However, the biggest challenge is when you’re driving a Ford Fusion and discover the map wants you to drive up this narrow, steep dirt road, that drops off hundreds of feet off the edge on both sides of you.  Some of you may laugh, but for two city girls, this is quite a dilemma.  First note to ourselves, we must buy a 4×4 truck!

Needless to say our adventures were short lived.  We made it to one of the properties on our list, but the other three just caused too much anxiety.  Besides, our rationale was, if we can’t drive up our own driveway, then how in the heck will we expect our clients to do the same:)

When all else fails…find a place to eat, relax, and have a beer!

BLOG 05.17.2018 IMG_6549

Some days may seem impossible, but all we can do is take one step at a time.