We found the perfect piece of land in Temecula.  It’s a corner lot and it is twenty-two acres of usable land.  What is usable land you may ask?  It is land that is flat enough to grade (level off) into buildable land for us to build our horse stables and teen center.

We are so excited to buy it; the serenity and tranquility of the fresh air and peace.  But some questions come up that we aren’t so sure about the answers.  Where does the water come from?  A well they say.  What is a well?  We’re really not that blonde, but almost.  Do we get a bucket to pull water up out of the well, so that we can heat it up on our stove and  take a warm bath?

This isn’t too far from the truth.  We do not have water, nor electricity, nor a sewer line, which means, we do not have a workable bathroom.  What does this mean, you may ask?  Trust me…I had the some questions.

A well means that we need to hire someone to come out and dig a well, about four-hundred feet deep into the earth, install a pump, and a bladder.  What is a pump and a bladder?  A pump will pump our water into our lines once it is installed into our homes and barn and a bladder is a holding tank of water that doesn’t need to be pumped because it has already been pumped from the well and into the bladder.  Who the hell knew all this stuff?  Not us.  Trust me, this is last time I take my running water, out of my faucet for granted.

Now I ask…what is a sewer line?



Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi

Photography By:  Ask Ms Mandi

Copyright:  May 19, 2019