The alarm goes off at 6:30 am.  Too early, I ponder walking towards the bathroom mirror wondering what I will see…. did I get enough sleep?  Was two glasses of wine the night before one glass too many?

I dread the mirror while keeping the overhead lights off, using only the natural sunlight streaming in through the window.  I creep up on the mirror, squinting into the image. 

I am relieved to see that there is no puffiness around the eyes or any new facial lines.  I stumble down the stairs to get a few ice cubes anyway, wrapping them up into a wash cloth.  The cold compress works wonders, giving the skin a fresh, awake appearance.  I dab a little eye gel under the eye and with in minutes I look ready for the day.  I might add that it will be a long day for the Riverside County Housewife.

Written By:  AskMsMandi