This Christmas dinner I decided to do something special in remembrance to our grandparents.  My grandparents were always very special to me and played a vital role in my growing-up.  They have passed now, but there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think of them.  They are forever in my memory as well in pictures and even in my baking.

So, this year I thought that we would make a Christmas dinner that would represent a piece of them and our heritage.  My grandmothers were from Wales and Norway.  My grandfathers were from England and Germany.  I decided to choose one traditional meals from each of the four countries. 

We are serving roast, a meat and sour kraut casserole with mashed potatoes, Brussel Sprouts sprinkled with bacon, and for dessert…. Rasberry Trifle.

Roast will represent my English heritage

The sour kraut casserole will represent my German heritage

Brussel Spouts sprinkled with bacon will represent my Norwegian heritage

And finally…. the raspberry trifle will represent my Welsh heritage.

Not only will this bring the memory of our loved ones to our tables on Christmas night, but it teaches our children the importance of who we are and where we came from and to be proud of their heritage.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi