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Finding Your Child’s Talents:

Ms Mandi Photo 1

How do we know as parents when are child or children are really talented in something or just lucky?  Isn’t it odd how some children are just born with the nack of being able to draw portraits or play a musical instrument?  Do we ever question this or just go about our normal lives as if it were a perfectly natural occurrence.  

The scientific study to this fascinating phenomena is called genetics.  Of course our children are born with a part of us and our spouse, but sometimes a genetic trait will be picked up from a far away, remote relative we have never met.  This would explain why a child would become an artist at a young age when neither parent has an ounce of artistic ability, not even in their pinky finger. 

It is still amazing and amazes me an a daily basis.  Watching a young child, sitting contentedly in her chair with a drawing tablet on her lap and a pencil in her hand, drawing a replica of Mary Cassatt.    And a darn good replica I may add.  For all of you that may not be familiar with the paintings of Mary Cassatt….. she is widely known for her work of painting and drawing portraits of woman with children and / or children with animals.  Not an easy task by any means.

Find your child’s talents, encourage their dreams, and let them play around with their ideas.  You may be happily surprised to find that your average child may be anything but average, growing up to be another Mary Cassatt.

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi