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Excerpt from Manuscript – Dear Paxton

Ms Mandi Photo 1

She was so excited to see his precious face that she could hardly stand to sit in the truck for another moment. 

Quickly, she rolled down her window to get some fresh air when she saw him, standing outside waiting.  He was standing next to a white wooded garage, kicking gravel, biting down on his lower lip.  He looked preoccupied and incredibly sexy, standing there, wearing a heavy army jacket and smoking a cigarette. 

His hair was quite a bit longer than the last time she had seen him, but he looked the same, only better.  His face was relaxed and unshaven.  He looked so innocent and vulnerable, but she knew him better than that.  Her feelings where mixed.  He had loved her so much, but had hurt her so deeply at the same time.  They had only known each other for two years, but she had experienced so much pain with this man.  Her heart was still mending, but now that she saw him, all the love she had pushed aside came rushing back with full force.

Tom had barely turned into the gravel driveway before Lisa was out of the truck, flying into Cole’s arms.  Oh, the strength in those arms was incredible.  All the memories came rushing back.  Their lips met, melting her heart.  He kissed her with full force. Lisa was home.

Written By:  Ask Ms Mandi